About Us

Streamwire is a progressive company and looks to continue to develop an inclusive working environment which is both fun, but at the same time productive.

The behaviors we exhibit in our day to day working lives shape our company and our environment and therefore are at the heart of everything we do and say and therefore become the essence of being a Streamwire employee.

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One Team
Streamwire works as one team to support each other – and that includes our own families. Each member of the team understands the importance of having a proper “work-life” balance, and whilst we do work hard to ensure our customers are always “ business ready”- we also enjoy the occasions to celebrate those times that are important – either as a family or as a team.
Diversity and Inclusion
Streamwire values the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the organisation and is fully committed to the elimination of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

The company will not discriminate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. It will not discriminate because of any other irrelevant factor and will build a culture that values meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency.

All of our employees are responsible for the promotion and advancement of this policy. Behaviour, actions or words that transgress the policy will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in line with the Company’s disciplinary policy.

Harassment & Bullying
Streamwire is fully committed to providing a work environment that fosters mutual employee respect and which is free from harassment and bullying.

We prohibit bullying and any form of harassment by or toward employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Learning & Development
Streamwire believes passionately in giving its people the skills not only to do the job that they are doing now, but to provide them with access to the very best learning and development that there is to further their career.

Ours is a continual improvement continued learning environment where the value of skills really matters.

Streamwire continues to recruit apprentices to our team and is keen to talk to those who want a diverse and interesting career in Technology.

Our proven expertise shows that we understand how best to balance the learning and development needs of the Apprentice with the needs of a small business enterprise. If you would like to find out more about our Apprenticeship scheme- please contact us – and Ask for Alex.

Working with our Communities
Streamwire is a very diverse organisation and looks to work closely with all of its customers and their community programmes wherever they need us to. Due to our geographic spread, we are actively working with a number of schools across the UK bringing technology to life as well as providing support to clients operating in EMEA and Africa.

We are proud to be working to support Costain in their work with Snowfields School in London and the Manna Society helping homeless people near London Bridge. We are also delighted to be supporting the work of Turning Point across the UK in helping those battling with drug, alcohol or other challenges in life to find proper help.

Environment Matters
Streamwire is a very green company… we recycle over 90% of all our waste materials and we actively look to find the way in which we can find the other 10%.

Out technology solutions are always grounded in establishing- what is right for our customers and our planet. Our green technology solutions already lead the way in environmental innovation and we will continue to “un-earth” the solutions that will in fact, save the earth!