Streamwire joins G-Cloud 8 but warns that SMEs still face an uphill struggle for public sector contracts

Streamwire joins G-Cloud 8 but warns that SMEs still face an uphill struggle for public sector contracts

G-Cloud spend could be important part of new government industrial strategy

Managed IT Services and technology innovation company, Streamwire, has been included on the G-Cloud 8 framework by the Crown Commercial Service. Yet, while getting onto the framework is an important door that has been opened, the complexity of sourcing contracts for which to tender suggests that the framework could be improved to create a more level playing field and increase competition. By maximising the opportunities for emerging SMEs, the G-Cloud could boost innovation in the UK tech sector and play an important role in the Prime Minister’s plans for a new industrial strategy.

Speaking about the impact of the G-Cloud, Kevin Timms, COO and co-founder of Streamwire explains:

“We are now one of 2,726 suppliers providing 26,000 services on the G-Cloud, so the biggest challenge we face is how to get noticed. We can’t expect to just sit on the framework and wait for public sector organisations to come to us – the pool is too big for that to happen. Deploying a large direct sales team is not an option either so the only way we can secure opportunities to tender is through the portals where requirements are posted, which we can then proactively put ourselves forward. The challenge is that for too many public sector procurers this process is still an academic exercise. They already have their preferred shortlist and this means that many SMEs never get a look-in. Traditional sales approaches are winning out, so the G-Cloud is less competitive than it could be.”

Launching its eighth iteration of the framework, the G-Cloud platform has steadily grown in its impact to better position SMEs to the public sector. According to the latest government statistics, G-Cloud 8 has attracted the largest number of suppliers since the creation of the G-Cloud, with 94 per cent of the 757 new suppliers being an SME. Over half of the £1.3bn spent through the G-Cloud has gone to SMEs as of June 2016.

Kevin continues:
“The development of the G-Cloud was the government’s response to the potential efficiencies of the cloud and the need for the public sector to achieve more while spending less money. In this respect the framework has been a success. However, the public sector can also act as a great incubator for innovative, new technology businesses. The sheer size of its spending power means that if the G-Cloud could become a more competitive playing field for emerging SMEs it would be a powerful tool to make the UK tech industry even more of a world-leader than it is today. The new Prime Minister has made some early comments about developing an industrial strategy for the UK. Improving the G-Cloud so more existing public sector spending is directed to the most innovative companies would be a cost-effective way of boosting the UK tech sector and the wider economy.”