Set Up and Recovery

Rapid Start Up and Programme Support

Streamwire works to find you the right resource with the right skills to get your Programme either set up for success, or indeed back on track.

Our pragmatic “ sleeves not suits” approach to every engagement means that we find you the right mix of talent to supplement your own internal team to ensure that the project gets delivered.

It is true that over time, the resource needs altering – and our team of seasoned individuals can come in and leave when the project no longer needs them to be there… efficiently and effectively. We work hard to create the situation when you don’t need us anymore.

Most organisations have high hopes that their investment in key IT programmes will yield significant benefit to the bottom line- in accordance with the business case that has been signed off. The actual impact on the business as usual team is often overlooked and the transformation journey therefore stutters to start.

Streamwire focusses on the delivery of the Project or Programme in a pragmatic and systematic fashion by clear prioritisation of the delivery objectives; tracking the benefits of doing the work in the first place; to then ensure that it can be supported successfully within the BAU environment by the internal team.

To achieve this needs razor focussed programme governance and Streamwire has the team that has the demonstrable expertise to do this. This is not just about having “ meetings”- its about having seasoned professionals that know instinctively how to address a problem or fix a situation before it becomes a real problem!

The tools are but one facet of the kit bag- experience counts and Streamwire is proud of its capabilities and its heritage in the delivery of complex and business critical programmes.

All of our experts have in-depth knowledge of the traditional project methods of PMI, PRINCE2 and MSP – this is a given. However, over and above is the deep sector knowledge and expertise that we bring in:

  • Health
  • Government
  • Defence
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Media
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Charity Sector
  • Aerospace and Defence

The key to our success is that we take the “ sleeves not suits” approach to getting a job done- a balance between rules, protocols, tools and getting things done- always without alienating the team, or the business, along the way!

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