Streamwire Select

Assured Flexible Security Cleared Resource Placements

Streamwire is well aware of the importance of having properly vetted personnel – we help organisations deliver critical national infrastructure programmes.

Cybersecurity is now cited as being the biggest area of concern for CONSUMERS when dealing with organisations on-line, and within the top 5 areas of concern for members of the Board.

Finding the right people takes time- using them appropriately takes planning. This is not always possible.

Streamwire Select is designed to take the headaches away. This is a fully flexible PAYG resourcing model that allows you to cope with the changing dynamics of the business world.

Streamwire Select ensures that you have the right personnel with the right skills for however long or short you REALLY need them.

We focus on providing resources that are:

• DV
• SC

Cleared, so you can be assured that you have the right people when you need them. This is not just a placement service… it is far more than that.

As part of our validation process we are unique in not only assessing and attesting the skills of individual but we also validate their actual identity.

Working in collaboration with TRUST ID and Making Change Work, we provide people to you who you can rest assured, ARE who they say they ARE!

Streamwire Select gives you a fast, reliable and strategic resourcing service that delivers validated specialist resources where and when you need them, consistently.