Caretaker Power Management

We all know that power costs are predicted to continue to rise- the ONS expects annual increases of around 9%- so what is to be done?

CARETAKER puts you in control of one part of your energy cost- that which is consumed by your PC estate.


  • Cuts the energy that you use- every day
  • Saves carbon- thereby reducing your carbon footprint

This unique closed based approach minimises your power use without affecting the end users productivity.

Power consumption 600,00kWh 360,000kWh
Energy cost (based on 10p per kWh) £65,000 £36,000
Carbon emissions (based on DEFRA figures) 300,000Kg 180,000Kg

Even organisations that think they are good at power management can see significant upside as a result of using CARETAKER.

Every step of the way the reporting is transparent and granular – this is a great tool to show to everyone how small contributions can make a big difference.

Key Features

  • Cloud based Infrastructure – No complex IT service required
  • Tailored Policies – by individual, department, section, organisation
  • HSE Display Screen Equipment adherence reporting – notify users of their computer time usage, encourages users to take recommended breaks and maintains a usage history!
  • Windows and Linux – Comprehensive operating system support
  • Fast deployment – 5 minutes per PC
  • Provides comprehensive reporting – Reports by PC or by user – allows you to manage the power use of estate by location or department
  • API to allow other device reporting and interface – Interface built to allow non PC data collection and reporting – allows you to manage the power usage of other machines in your estate

“This is innovation in real time and saving real money- this shows just how small changes can have a bit impact” – a construction company